Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reading Reaction Journal #1

January 27, 2011
Lamy, Pascal (2011,January 24). Made in China’ tells us little about global trade. Financial Times. Retrieved January 24, 2011, from

In this article, the writer writes about the international trade. The origin of the merchandise should be marked absolutely according to the fact. Actually, the factor from the merchandise comes from the world, not just from one country. It is also talking about how the international numbers between different countries are not in balance. It depends on different monetary basis. The transportation charge is one of the reasons that increases the price of the international trade merchandise.

My major is international trade, so I am trying to read some news about it. In my impression, China is a big factory of producing merchandise. The price of things is lower because of their low salary. Compared with the U.S, the salary and the monetary basis causes the imbalance in trade measure between them. But it can be an advantage of their lower salary. The businessman would like to set the factory there due to the lower cost. In my opinion, I prefer not trying to raise or just not raising too much the salaries in China. It will reduce the competition of earning money as a producer.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chinese Tutor

     I am a Chinese Tutor in Global FOCUS from September 7 to January 7 during this semester. I've waiting for a long~ time but no any student come to ask me some question about Chinese or chat with me in Chinese. It makes me feel bored to stay in Global FOCUS base on the schedule table. Finally, I got a student. Today is my first time to teach foreign student about Chinese. The student is Emilio he is kind. As he ask the question from his homework, he will also chat with me in Chinese. It reduce my nervous feeling. I think it's fresh and fun to chat with him, because I have to guess what he want to say, give him the right pronunciation also the respond for him and teach the Chinese words. It's not a hard work for us whose main language is Chinese. After the tutor hour, I have good mood all day until now. ^^

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bad attitude from the stranger

     Today, our team decide to take the photos for the final presentation. We try to take the picture for all the food we want to introduce. Due do we are as full as we can, we want to take the food's picture from the person who buy the food. But she is so un friendly. She also say some bad word "if you want to take the picture, why don't you buy it by yourself. Are the students POOR!" We are all scared by her unfriendly attitude and words. I feel so embarrased. As I know, Taiwanese people are friendly, this woman is a different one!! We really got a bomb...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

one day Taipei travel

     Today we went to AIT to have a interview for F1 visa. We date at 5:00 in the morning. It's so early. We sleep on the bus on the way to Taipei. But I still feel very tired. The AIT are so strict, the photo can't over 6 month. Even if just overdue for 12 days. It takes me NT$200 for the 5x5 photo. It's really expensive. The travel agent forget to pay the serves expend so that we can't do the interview at once. We have to sit and waiting for the invoice. We are so lucky that we see 2 star in AIT during the waiting for the interview. Finally, we finish the interview and get the visa. The procedures of the interview are so fresh to me. One day for a round trip from Taichuang to Taipei are so tired.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Taiwan Traditional Custom Village

     There are many traditional buildings and things in the Village. The traditional house and the cattle car also the traditional wedding festival. It's a good place to reserve Taiwan's old buildings and cultures. Some costume drama also take the vedio here for the old-age background. I learned some traditional knowledges inside the village and see the exciting acrobatics here today.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


The interview makes me feel so nervious.
I looked so nervous too.

Friday, November 26, 2010


     I have a presentation this week. It's about how to travel abroad with the budget of NTD15000. I try to use many photos any some anime on ppt to with my presentation to reduce my nervous. Fortunately, I finish the presentation smoothly. And I'm so happy that I have good comment from teacher. It makes me have high sence of achievement ^^ and keep in a good mood.